Fiscal Cliff Study Group – South Africa on the edge of financial ruin

A lower than expected shortfall in revenue has pulled South Africa back from the brink, but the fiscal cliff remains a clear and present danger. That’s the view of the Fiscal Cliff Study Group, which defines the fiscal cliff as the point where public servants’ wages, social grant payments, and debt-service costs absorb 100% of the government’s revenue.

Classic rant over “Little house on the Prairie” books now politically incorrect

As an author I can tell you, just like the dinosaurs footsteps found today are frozen in time so are the views of society represented by what people wrote during their time. In this crazy politically correct world where LGBTQ is cool certain elements in our society are trying to destroy historical reality. Now books written in the 1800s and before are being systematically banned for being “racist”.

Jamming with Cole van dais & Craig Jack Lewis | South Africa

Put on your dancing shoes or relax with your drink and popcorn and sing a long as our regular star performer Cole is joined by Craig in an evening of fun and relaxation.
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How BIG Tech are shutting down so many platforms – the Trump example

Donald Trump spoke at CPAC a few hours ago. As BIG Tech’s persona not gratia just mentioning his name and CPAC resulted in this innocent live stream being attacked by the Youtube thought police. This video shows the evidence. Here is the offending live stream:

Hey Youtube! How about retracting flawed community strikes? South Africa

Last year I received “community strikes” for daring to suggest that Ivermectin was a potential medical solution to covid19. Now the proof is overwhelmingly in my favour and, despite Youtube giving me community strikes for “medical misinformation” back then, I have received no apologies or retractions on those early penalties. Talk about a Kangaroo court!

John Steenhuisen and Julius Malema fight over the ANC factions | South Africa

Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane is not impressed with suggestion by the Democratic Alliance that they are open to forming a coalition with the ANC under Ramaphosa in the 2024 elections.
Link to tonight’s livestream: