Tale of two airlines (same CEO) : SAA v Fiji … South Africa

Andre Viljoen resigned suddenly as CEO of a profitably run South African Airways (SAA) in August 2004 when BEE appointed ANC cadres started taking over management. He was replaced by a series of well connected but clueless ANC cadres who drove SAA into the ground in just 15 years under BEE. Andre, in the meantime, made a failing Mauritian Airlines profitable – and now look what he has done for Fijian Airlines – also as CEO. There is no BEE or affirmative action in Mauritius or Fiji. Think about it.

South Africa : unhealthiest country in the world; near most dangerous.

It took the ANC only 25 years to destroy Africa’s most prosperous country. https://businesstech.co.za/news/lifestyle/355519/south-africa-is-one-of-the-least-safe-countries-in-the-world/

ALERT: Police and judiciary now targeting whites in South Africa,.

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Increasing number of reports of white people in South Africa being targeted by certain members of the police force and by the judicial system. Once the official government bodies start targeting a minority group that is the trigger for a genocide. Please be careful in your dealings with police if you are white and living in South Africa.