GEN IZAK VAN ZYL’s WIFE GOES LIVE | SOUTH AFRICA (go to 2:45 to skip audio issue)

My subscribers know that General Izak van Zyl, leader of the Boerelegioen, has been in a critical condition and suffered several heart attacks in recent weeks while the failing Public Health system in South Africa left him in the cold. Tonight we will talk to his wife Marinda about faith, hope and God’s divine intervention as we fight to save this wonderful man.

Meet the reality of Georgia and the other “partner” in the scam known as Duross Gasperi.

A man calling himself Hiraoka Gasperi has an alter ego, Stefan Von Wolf du Ross. These two men who are, in reality, one and the same person make up the front known as Duross Gasperi – the business that was going to save 5,000 South African families by bringing them to eastern Europe in just three years. In this video we reveal the truth about Duross Gasperi and what it is like on the ground in Georgia. Website: