The dark web, the world of Cyber crime on the Internet – the Internet is like an ice berg.

We have all been touched by the dark web, a world where hacking, cyber theft, phishing, bitcoin, drugs, stolen credit cards and personal information are traded and that is just the start of this world hidden from most of us – even if it touches us from time to time through an email with suspicious links passing across our computer screens. Tonight Ivan Barnard unpacks cyber crime and the dark web for us.
Joining us tonight are Ivan Barnard and Rudi Geldenhuys.
PDF on Cyber crime:

Crime in South Africa – tonight we discuss this issue covered up by the mainstream media

The government’s tourism officials in Cape Town are pointing the finger at social media for the huge decline in tourism in South Africa because of crime. Putting the LOCKDOWN and its ramifications on the restaurant and entertainment industry aside right now – what planet are these government officials living on? Heck you are not allowed to even walk on the beach in parts of the Cape! “L” Factor missing in action.