The gatherings (not protests) next week at Grand Parade in Cape Town | South Africa

DATES: 16th and 17th February
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Rating Agency Moodys warn Rand to be downgraded third time in 12 months | South Africa

Credit ratings agency Moody’s has warned of a number of financial issues facing South Africa in the run-up to finance minister Tito Mboweni’s budget speech later this month. In November 2020, Moody’s cut the nation’s foreign- and local-currency ratings to Ba2, two levels below investment grade, from Ba1. The outlook remains negative.

No tests done on pregnant women when it comes to covid vaccine.

Sara Beltran Ponce, MD tweeted on January 28th that she was proud to have just received the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has not been tested on pregnant women, but the physician felt like it was safe for her unborn child.
Per the CDC website, COVID-19 vaccination trials on pregnant women are planned, but so far the vaccine has only been tested on pregnant rats. Sara Beltran Ponce lost her child a week after being vaccinated.
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