Black is the operative word when it comes to support funding in South Africa

In an effort to help fight the Covid-19 outbreak, the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) has set aside R200m for black business.

More than 100 companies have already applied and their applications are being processed.

Black entrepreneurs can apply for funding of between R500,000 and R10m in concessionary loans to purchase machinery, equipment and raw materials and to fund other working capital requirements for the manufacture and supply of medical masks, sanitisers, dispensers and related healthcare products.

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Don’t take the bank holiday until you have checked if you have credit insurance | South Africa

Since 2017 all bank loans, according to the attached video, are automatically covered if an event like the CV happens and you become unemployed. Banks want to give you a bank holiday so you do not make use of automatic repayments which are covered under your bank’s credit insurance policy – that you pay for every month. In other words you do not miss a payment – like you will if you take the bank holiday – because they will be paying.

The health system in South Africa – rotten to the core

Corruption was a “major” contributing factor to continued deterioration of the public healthcare system in 2019, according to the latest annual report from Corruption Watch.

“The state of the public healthcare system in 2019 continued to deteriorate, with services all but completely collapsing across many fronts and provinces. Corruption contributed in a major way, in the form of irregular expenditure, financial misconduct, theft, illegal sharing of patient medical data to third parties, moonlighting and nepotism, to name some of the types of corruption brought to Corruption Watch’s attention during the year,” the non-profit said in a strongly-worded report released on Tuesday.