Marinda van Zyl gives us an update on Izak’s situation | South Africa

Also joining us: Izak van Zyl, Christo Jonck and Wessel Basson
The Steve Biko public hospital is illegally withholding critical information on Izak van Zyl required by the private hospital he will be operated in. Tonight we will get the breaking news on the legal steps Izak’s wife is having to go through to get these records released.

GEN IZAK VAN ZYL’s WIFE GOES LIVE | SOUTH AFRICA (go to 2:45 to skip audio issue)

My subscribers know that General Izak van Zyl, leader of the Boerelegioen, has been in a critical condition and suffered several heart attacks in recent weeks while the failing Public Health system in South Africa left him in the cold. Tonight we will talk to his wife Marinda about faith, hope and God’s divine intervention as we fight to save this wonderful man.

Reyno De Beer – Liberty Fighters Network | South Africa

Reyno De Beer heads up Liberty Fighters Network which has been calling for South Africans to boycott the lock down and go about their business and daily lives as before 27 March 2020.
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