How do the ANC treat Nelson Mandela’s legacy? | South Africa

In his State of the Nation Address Cyril Ramaphosa referenced Nelson Mandela and his iconic status in the party. If you travel to Qunu, where Mandela grew up. The town of Mthatha at Qunu has a museum in Mandela’s honour and the Mandela family have farms – if you travel there you will sadly see the reality which is very different to the ANC hyperbole.

Is South Africa on the verge of a civil war?

I have heavily edited this graphic video footage and made this video adults only. Three members of one family in the coloured community in Lavender Hill in the Cape were set upon by black gangs and burnt to death. The coloured community have openly called for a civil war against the blacks in the Cape. Let’s pray that wise heads prevail and the authorities actually arrest someone over this atrocity.