DSTV withdraw copyright claim on Loving Life channel ONLY | South Africa

The crazy copyright claim by DSTV on our livestream coverage of the state of the nation speech last week has been lifted on the main Loving Life channel but remains on an identical copy (with F Bombs edited out) on Loving Life 2020. A dispute has now been put up by this channel.
DSTV and the fraudulent copyright claim: https://youtu.be/cauoDA3LERQ
The original livestream on the main Loving Life channel DSTV lodged a copyright complaint against (with F Bombs): https://youtu.be/OuoTyPkBOwI

Coronavirus spreading fast worldwide … high probability it is already in South Africa

Planes in lockdown at Heathrow, London; claims coronavirus cases not being reported in New York State (US); over 300 confirmed cases in Japan; Diamond Princess cruiseliner over 10% infected – 70 new just today; unsubstantiated claims that the passengers from the cruise ship who disembarked yesterday in Cambodia carry the virus.