Is it too late to invest in physical gold and silver? South Africa

Interesting discussion about where physical gold and silver’s value could be headed in these economic times. PLEASE NOTE: I am not a financial adviser – do your own research, make your own decisions. Live gold and silver prices:

Cosatu not happy with the IMF loan | South Africa

The ANC’s tripartite alliance partners, Cosatu and the SACP, have been opposed to the government’s decision to borrow money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Now that the loan has been approved, Cosatu says transparency must be the focus to ensure there is no irregular expenditure.

The ANC are coming after your retirement and pensions in South Africa

On 31 July 2020, the Draft Tax Law Amendment Bill (TLAB) contained a hidden announcement, which may prove to be the final straw for many ex-South Africans who still have retirement investments left in South Africa, notes Jonty Leon, legal manager at Financial Emigration.

The TLAB seeks to legislate to prevent a South African who has exited South Africa’s tax base, from withdrawing their retirement funds from the country, until an unbroken period of 3 years has passed where that person can prove non-tax residency, he said.

Sunday Service (9th August 2020) Religion or relationship – the good Samaritan

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