A riot of taxis disrupt the roads in South Africa

Shots have been fired by law enforcement in an attempt to enforce order as taxi operators downed tools on Monday demanding that government reconsider its budget on the relief provided to the taxi sector.

Police and the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) are on the ground at loggerheads with disgruntled taxi operators. Soldiers have been chasing taxi operators away in Soshanguve after protesting taxi drivers blocked main roads with burning tyres and rocks.

Dr Susan Vosloo – first woman to perform a heart transplant | South Africa

Tonight at 8pm we meet the Doctor who performed heart transplant surgery at Groote Schuur hospital and who met and worked with the man who performed the first heart transplant, Dr Chris Barnard. Barnard put Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town, South Africa on the map when on 3 December 1967 he operated on Louis Washkansky who survived for 18 days. However, Dr Barnard’s second patient a month later, Philip Blaaiberg, lived for nearly two years.

Unwrapping Hiraoka Gasperi of Duross Gasperi | Georgia

Gasperi is a very smooth operator. Wednesday night at 8pm Johannesburg time it will be my pleasure to have Brendi Wells from The Ark as a guest on a live stream so that we can throw our weight behind the objectives of her project to help South Africans escape South Africa.
Contact Georgian Embassy in Pretoria:
270A Carina Street, Waterkloof Ridge
Phone: +27 12 346 1831
Praag video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiBv2WaznrQ