White South African farmers are most at risk under EWC | South Africa

From a legal perspective it is clear that the South African farmers who, ironically, ensure food security in the country are most at risk with the new expropriation without compensations laws being introduced by the communist ANC Government. Link: http://www.mjilonline.org/south-african-land-expropriation-is-compensation-required-and-to-whom/

Could this more deadly pneumonia be a mutation of the coronavirus?

Kazakhstan, bordering southern Russia, is facing out breaks of a new deadlier plague causing pneumonia and a higher death rate. Source article South China Morning Post: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3092563/chinese-embassy-warns-deadly-unknown-pneumonia-kazakhstan

Elandsfontein: meet Clinton, the farmer who is being targeted by land invaders | South Africa

Marius, who was on a live stream earlier this week, is on the ground with Clinton, who is the farmer central to the illegal land invasions. Clinton will tell his story tonight and warns South Africans to wake up about the communist ANC Government.